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About Equipped Kids
Mission Statement: Early Intervention with adaptive equipment for children with special needs can make a world of difference in a child's life by allowing that child to reach full developmental potential. Our mission is to provide resources to these special children and promote a positive impact on their development and quality of life.

Equipped Kids, Inc. is a non-profit corporation serving children with disabilities or developmental delays in Northwest Ohio & Southeast Michigan. Equipped Kids loans used equipment that has been donated or new equipment purchased through grants or donations. All equipment is loaned free of charge.

An inventory of items that includes ambulation aids, positioning devices, wheelchairs and various items for use in daily activities is available for a child to borrow for a period free of charge. This benefits a child if a piece of equipment is needed to help reach a milestone or to make an informed decision about the purchase of a piece of equipment for long-term use. This program also benefits children with temporary equipment needs such as during a recovery period from injury or surgery. Equipped Kids also provides a service to families by accepting used equipment.

Please call for an appointment.

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